Saturday, March 26, 2005

More Arrgh..

Just Realized that I have an orthodonytist appointment on the 31st. Better eat all I can. There's always a 3-day hump with braces. It hurts for 3 days the subsides. I'm stuc kwit hthem until the Early 10th Grade. However, Dr. Gorin says I'm making extremely well process. I even had a sihft early...whatever that means.

Again Windows pissed me off. I tried to play The Sims 2 got a blue screen similar to this one:

Now I must re-install. This is gonna take forever.


There's always something on it. Whether it be Spongebob SquarePants or Law and Order repeats on TNT. But NOOOOO. My parents are TOO cheap to get it. AND it's not like we cant afford it. I could contribute to the bill due to my $20 weekly allowance.

Then they make poor excuses.

How does this Wi-Fi thing work? For 6 months I've been getting on the Internet for FREE.

Some connection named linksys.

Well whoever you are..DON'T CUT ME OFF PLEASE!!!


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